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At EV Charging Bay Markings, we take pride in our expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality EV charging bay marking installations.

Here are some case studies that showcase our successful projects and highlight our ability to meet our clients’ needs:

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Office Complex – Manchester


To install EV charging bay markings in the parking lot of a corporate office complex, promoting sustainable transportation options for employees and visitors.


Conducted a thorough site assessment to determine the optimal placement and layout of the charging bays.

Collaborated closely with the corporation’s facilities team to ensure compliance with local regulations and guidelines.

Utilised our specialised marking equipment and tools to create precise and durable markings that would withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions.

Completed the installation within the agreed-upon timeline, causing minimal disruption to daily operations.


The corporation now boasts clearly marked EV charging bays, making it convenient for employees and visitors to identify and utilise the charging infrastructure.

The installation has contributed to an increase in the usage of electric vehicles within the office complex, aligning with offices commitment to sustainability.

Positive feedback from the corporation’s stakeholders highlights the professionalism and quality of our work.

Public Parking Structure – Hertfordshire


To implement EV charging bay markings in a public parking structure, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and supporting the city’s environmental goals.


Collaborated closely with the city transportation department to understand their specific requirements and regulations.

Developed a comprehensive marking plan to maximize the number of EV charging bays while maintaining compliance with accessibility guidelines.

Executed the installation using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure durability and longevity.

Completed the project ahead of schedule, meeting the city municipality’s objectives.


The public parking structure now offers a clear and well-organised layout of EV charging bays, facilitating the charging process for electric vehicle owners.

The installation has received positive feedback from the public, with increased usage of the charging bays and a growing number of electric vehicle owners using the facility.

The city municipality appreciates our attention to detail, compliance with regulations, and ability to deliver projects on time.

Retail Shopping Centre – Kent


To establish EV charging bay markings in a retail shopping centre’s parking lot, attracting environmentally conscious shoppers and supporting sustainable transportation options.


Conducted a detailed analysis of the shopping centre’s parking lot layout, considering traffic flow and the placement of retail stores.

Collaborated with the shopping centre management team to create a customised marking plan that maximized the visibility and convenience of EV charging bays.

Employed our skilled technicians and advanced equipment to create high-precision markings that met the specific requirements of the project.

Completed the installation efficiently while ensuring minimal disruption to the shopping centre’s operations.


The retail shopping centre now features well-defined EV charging bays that are easily accessible to shoppers driving electric vehicles.

The installation has attracted environmentally conscious customers, who appreciate the shopping centre’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The shopping centre management acknowledges our professionalism, expertise, and ability to deliver results that align with their vision.

At EV Charging Bay Markings, we are dedicated to providing exceptional EV charging bay marking installations that promote the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a sustainable future.

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